You Are a Glorious Human Be*ing

This is to let you know, in case you ever doubt it, that:

You are loved Loved LOVED
 right now!

— Always —

Moment to moment you are supported wholly

In everything you choose to do

All of CREATION is smiling on you, with you

In full embrace

Of your wishes, your triumphs, your foibles, your mis*steps, your sad achey bits,

Your secret dreams

Smiling on you (yes, YOU!)

No matter what.

The Universe, as Rob Brezsny says, is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

So go for it! Trust your intuition(s). Take a leap.

There’s no manual, no handbook, no “right way.”

Only you using your flexible and adaptable mind

Your brave and strong heart

Your limber body


And in those movements, awkward and dorky and “imperfect” though they may sometimes be

Is the rhythmic pulse.

Of the Universe, of Creation, growing

In and out, up and down, dark and light, low and high

And we here, your peers,

Are also moving and growing according to those same rhythms

In this continuous

Cycle of cycles.

And even though you can’t see us sometimes, and we feel far away from each other

We’re cheering you on! YES! (+)

As you do us.

And we hear it:

Thank you.

You show it in so many small ways, and we need that

Because, you see, we feel lost and awkward and overwhelmed a lot too.

There is grace in this:

We’re all in the dance together.

So keep dancing my friend, cuz “I like the way you move…”

Dada YEAH!





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